The Accountability Academy®

Some people achieve extraordinary things in life; others do not. The difference between the two groups lies in accountability.

The Accountability Academy® was founded by Sam Silverstein.  Based on his best selling book, "No More Excuses", the Accountability Academy is a one year experience that teaches people how to implement Proactive Accountability™ in their personal lives and apply it to their professional endeavors.  This is the ultimate training experience in accountability.

Through this journey people learn how to understand their strategic intent, make value based decisions, become better leaders, achieve at their fullest potential and become a positive impact on others they come in contact with.

The skills we teach will enable you to be more successful in both your personal and professional life.  Accountability is at the very core of creating strong leaders and teams of people who know how to achieve at a significantly higher level.

With over 20 years experience of helping people and organizations grow we have discovered that traditional learning doesn't produce long term change or significantly enhanced skill sets.  For accountability training to really stick a new corporate education system had to be designed.

In the Accountability Academy we only reveal techniques as you become ready for them.  We let you master one skill before introducing another.  By mastering the techniques and philosophies before moving on to additional concepts you are able to put what you learn to work immediately.

A half-day, full-day or even week long seminar cannot produce the long term positive effects of training that you will gain from being a part of the Accountability Academy.  When you graduate you will be in a position to lead at a significantly higher level professionally and personally.  You will be able to focus on what is important, deliver greater value and create the life you deserve.

Graduates of the Accountability Academy are not only positioned to dramatically grow individually and organizationally but they can teach and inspire others to apply Proactive Accountability™ in their lives.

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